Switched from Rogers to Teksavvy.

I wanted to share my experience.
Switched from Rogers to Teksavvy.

Experience was horrible so far, but we do have a solution. (scroll to bottom)

With Rogers - everything worked. Time capsule worked automatically with the cable modem.

Switched to Teksavvy. Cheaper and Rogers wasnt willing to offer more usage. Went through retention dept and the most they offered was 20% off - but with their usage caps, it made sense to go to Teksavvy with their 300 gb limit.

Bell Sympatico Black List - Net neutrality

Net neutrality? What’s that?
Throwing up its metaphorical hands in horror, it claims it would never dream of doing such a thing —- it’s just kinda, well, you know, delaying things a teensy bit.
Nothing to get upset about.
Members of the Coalition and top Net scholars don’t agree, however. And to make their position unmistakably clear, they’ve filed a class action demanding the US Federal Communications Commission fine Comcast $195,000 for every affected subscriber
“Nobody gave Comcast the right to be an Internet gatekeeper,” says Marvin Ammori, general counsel of Free Press and co-author of the complaint. “And there is nothing reasonable about telling users which Internet services they can and can’t use.”
But Comcast isn’t the only villain in the piece, and the US isn’t the only country where The Biggies have decided they can do whatever they want and get away with it, a la the movie and music cartels.
In the States, users have people trying to look after their rights and interests, but there’s no one doing that in Canada.

Bell Sympatico Throttles Internet Access

Bell Sympatico Throttles Internet Access

Bell Sympatico, Canada's largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) has admitted in November 2007 that it "purposely" slows down its high-speed DSL, especially for torrents. This is despite them not telling customers. This video is a customers story.

TekSavvy customers illegal downloading copyright

TekSavvy illegal downloading: Judge awards more time to warn clients

Hundreds of Ontario Internet subscribers could soon face the choice of bowing to the settlement demands of a California film studio or incurring expensive legal fees for a court battle.

In its lawsuit, Los Angeles-based Voltage Pictures LLC, best known for The Hurt Locker movie, is seeking damages related to alleged copyright infringement by hundreds of Jane and John Does, who it says were involved in unauthorized copying and distributing of its movies.

    The customers are faced with a terrible dilemma of either paying the settlement demand or risking being sued and incurring the legal cost of fighting

Best Internet Provider In Ontario Canada

London, ON
$30 per month
"Fast and stable"
"None so far"
"This is one of the best, same as used to be."

Since I don't use that much bandwidth I joined the one with 200GB cap...transfered from Execulink on 31/12/2009 was smooth....I started with Teksavvy in the New Year

Will soon switch my land line to them soon, since I already uses their internet and LongDistance service.

Bell Sympatico and Switched Internet Providers

$60 per month
about 9 days
Bell Canada
"Great Speed so far, Great Value, Friendly Support, Etc"
"A few initial setup delays"
"I just had my line set up not too long ago and its good so far!"

The initial process of Teksavvy seemed pretty easy. We set it up on a certain date and expected it at a certain date. That wasn't the complete case.

Due to no fault to Teksavvy though, I had to get lines installed by Bell and it was delayed a few times as from Bell's end it seemed to work fine. Once the tech came out here and noticed the problem he said he would have the right things installed within 20-60 minutes, and he did.

The tech support at Teksavvy is great. The reviews on this site are proof of that. The support staff are friendly and even crack the occasional joke here and there.

The speed on our line is solid and so far, no hiccups at all. We were starting to get annoyed about the set up time but that couldn't have been helped, no matter who we had to go with.

We used our own Modem (TP-Link TD-W8920G) and it provides a quick setup option which we just went through pretty easily (with our username and password entered) and it just worked.


Acanac History and Values

Acanac is one of Canada's largest independent ISP's. We are currently servicing over 70,000 clients and are still growing. Acanac has grown to this size in just a little over 4 years. We have established a leadership position in the industry by providing clients with affordable and reliable service to both Residential and Business users.

Why have we succeeded when so many have failed?

Acanac's core value is to make sure that you the customer is served with
the utmost respect and professionalism. This is the reason that we are one
of the few companies that offer an unconditional money back guarantee. That's why we have invested heavily in hardware, and facilities. This ensures that you, the client is up and running on 24 hours a day seven days a week.


Acanac  is privately-owned and and is 100% Canadian.  Between the years 2004 and 2009 over 3 of  Canada's largest independent ISP firms filed bankruptcy or were sold off. Acanac on the other hand has expanded and launched new data centers and aquired over 70,000 clients.   Acanac  has also added an additional 60 staff members to meet our triple digit growth.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We pride ourselves on getting things done right. That doesn’t mean we’re perfect, but when we make mistakes we fix them.
If we can't fix them to your liking and you're not 100% satisfied with
your purchase of Acanac's High Speed Internet Service you may cancel the service within 30 days of activation. We will offer you a complete refund of the fees and taxes you paid for the service.

Don't Just Take Our Word
Please visit the Acanac community for an unbiased opinion of our company.

TEKSAVVY - Greater Toronto Area was with the Rogers Express and Extreme packages

 $45 per month
 about 5 days
 Bell Canada
 "Truly Unlimited Package, Amazing Customer Service and No Hidden Fees"
 "Package speeds (same with all DSL resellers)"
 "Great ISP, Can't recommend them enough!

After having been with Rogers for 8 years in the Greater Toronto Area (and being used to the Rogers "Express" & "Extreme" packages), I moved to a non-Rogers serviced area west of Ottawa in 2006. For 2 years, I fought with serious line quality issues, amplification via load-coils, a ~24,000-foot copper loop length (copper to this CO and then copper from this CO to the next town CO 6 KM away) and MultiLink PPP via 4x 56K modems.

Over the last 18 months, I've been through the fixed wireless gamut, first with Storm Wireless (which worked well minus the occasional disconnect and an antenna failure), but was subsequently bought out by Barrett Xplornet (who replaced all the customer premise equipment with Motorola 3.5 GHz gear). For the last 9 months, I have been fraught with rage and frustration at the blatant disregard that Xplornet has had for their service quality and provisioning. Four service tech visits (including a level 3 and two independent install vendors), two antenna changes, two botched installs, multiple escalations later and $65 a month down the drain and still I was no closer to achieving any semblance of service.

Why I Cancelled with Rogers and Sympatico

30$ per month
about 5 days
"Friendly, incredibly helpful, and extremely knowledgeable staff."
"By far the best ISP I've ever dealt with for both business and home service."

I've been using a 6 mb line at home for about 3 years now (less than $40 month for Dry DSL) and 2 years at work where we have 4 lines with static IPs in place for $75 per line- less than the cost of a single 3 mb line with our old provider. Unbelievable value. I'm using Speedtouch 516's in on all lines.

They let you use the lines however you see fit with whatever geeky services you want to run, such as running a web server over the line. We've never had unscheduled downtime at my workplace, unlike our previous 'big league' ISP where we were down about 1 day per quarter. Same goes for my home service.

I've personally used Rogers and Sympatico for my home service, and dealt with several other ISPs for business use, and I had issues with all of them involving the quality of their service and tech support. None of them hold a candle to TekSavvy. I can't recommend this company enough!

Best Internet Service Provider I've used so far

$51 per month (month by month)
about 1 days
Bell Canada
"Smooth browsing ;)"
"None so far"
"Best ISP I've used so far"

Currently subscribed to Unlimited Package ($39.95) with static IP ($4) and /30 subnet ($5).

The DSL service is excellent and there is nothing to complain about.
The ordering process was smooth, got my login couple days before the date I asked for.

I require a monthly invoice and it was a bit bumpy to get TSI to send it to me every month without me reminding them. That has been resolved however and invoices are sent on monthly basis automatically now.

The static IP should be free or cheaper for those who order a subnet in my opinion (you can't have subnet without static IP).

Cancel Rogers Internet - Toronto, Canada.

30$ per month
about 6 days
Bell Canada
"Great Value, Friendly Support"

My advice for Internet in Toronto, Canada.

Hi Guys,
This is just a quick word to say I got my TEKSAVVY (Thanks to this amazing website and a friend's recommendation) connection today in Toronto and it works great.

I get 7.25 mbits on speed test for 30$ a month.

Previous situation with BELL:
I was getting slower speed with bell for 40 hidden fees, modem rent and ended up paying hundreds of $ in fees for them not telling me my dl limit had been reduced to something in the 20 gigs. + All the stuff I was downloading so slowly not knowing Bell was cheating me of 95% of my torrent speed.

Now Bell keeps calling me back to offer me different deals not even on their website, bunch of corrupted fraudsters.

I could go on an on, about how the Bell payment service wouldn't wait 3 days until I got my student scholarship money and cut my line even if I have been their client for over 10 years. Then they told me they would not charge me fee for reconnecting if I stayed with Bell. Asking them if they would still charge me the extra 25 days even through I'm already with another company they said: yes. I answered: "well then why are wondering why I changed company if you charge me for service I wont even use and do not want? Thieves"

Anyway, this is my TekSavvy review:
Great service so far. They came to install the modem at my apartment - no BS, a technician just called and said he was in my area and could deliver my modem.
Fast speed.

And like I said (kinda the theme of my review): The exact opposite of Bell in what to expect.


Happy I Cancelled Rogers Internet and Bell Internet

North York,ON
$29 per month
"Tech Support is great, No Downtime"
"None Yet"
"Great ISP at a Great Price"

Great ISP. Great Price. Great Tech Support (live person from Canada)

Please think or consider your service with; Rogers Internet, Bell Sympatico - live knowaledgeable and friendly support ? NOT .... 1-800, #1 english, #2 support, #8 homeservice, #19 get a live body, #999 not a recording.

With my current service teksavvy I am happy. Direct person, that resolves your issues in minute. !!!! No I do not work for the company. Just a happy MoFo .... I am not dealing with substandard service from Rogers Internet, Bell Sympatico !!! the monopoly .