Switched from Rogers to Teksavvy.

I wanted to share my experience.
Switched from Rogers to Teksavvy.

Experience was horrible so far, but we do have a solution. (scroll to bottom)

With Rogers - everything worked. Time capsule worked automatically with the cable modem.

Switched to Teksavvy. Cheaper and Rogers wasnt willing to offer more usage. Went through retention dept and the most they offered was 20% off - but with their usage caps, it made sense to go to Teksavvy with their 300 gb limit.

I cancelled Rogers. Same day I got Teksavvy. I ended up buying their cable modem. DCM476 for $100.

Day 1 - the day of the switch Teksavvy they kept saying - it should switch over automatically, just be patient. It never switched over automatically.

Day 2 - called and got bounced around. Note - you need a PC to troubleshoot. This doesnt work well for me as I have a macbook air and the apple time capsule. Not friendly to mac. No internet for the day.

Day 3 - I finally borrowed a laptop from work. I plugged in laptop to modem. It works on direct connection. But it doesnt connect to airport time capsule. I have latest firmware for everything @ time.

The airport time capsule worked with Rogers. However it doesnt work for Teksavvy.

Note - i probably have had 6 calls with Teksavvy - basically I got the run around - it works on a direct connection - that's all we need to do - tough luck.

I saw another website - and tried to get them to give me the DCM475... but they dont offer that anymore.

Honestly - they need to know this problem and at least have some support for this. They should know this error and tell people - not force people to search the internet for solutions. It's ridiculous their attitude. That might be the worst.

So it didnt work.

Is it Teksavvy's problem? or an Apple Time Capsule problem? i.e. why did ATC not connect to the DCM476?

To me - the ATC connected to Rogers - so it's a Teksavvy prob.

Day 4... I was able to get a cheap router from work.

*** SOLUTION: for me was to get another router. Just a cheap one. DCM476 -> connected with cheap router -> which connected to the Airport Time capsule.

So my problem is solved. After many hours and lot'sve of problem solving. What a waste of time. We'll see how my experience continues with them.

I would not recommend Teksavvy to anyone.

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