Cancel Bell Sympatico Internet - Toronto, Canada.

Hi Guys,
Thanks for this blog, this is just a quick word to say I got my TEKSAVVY (Thanks to this amazing website and a friend's recommendation) connection today in Toronto and it works great.

I get 7.25 mbits on speed test for 30$ a month.

Previous situation with BELL:
I was getting slower speed with bell for 40 hidden fees, modem rent and ended up paying hundreds of $ in fees for them not telling me my dl limit had been reduced to something in the 20 gigs. + All the stuff I was downloading so slowly not knowing Bell was cheating me of 95% of my torrent speed.

Now Bell keeps calling me back to offer me different deals not even on their website, bunch of corrupted fraudsters.

I could go on an on, about how the Bell payment service wouldn't wait 3 days until I got my student scholarship money and cut my line even if I have been their client for over 10 years. Then they told me they would not charge me fee for reconnecting if I stayed with Bell. Asking them if they would still charge me the extra 25 days even through I'm already with another company they said: yes. I answered: "well then why are wondering why I changed company if you charge me for service I wont even use and do not want? Thieves"

Anyway, this is my TekSavvy review:
Great service so far. They came to install the modem at my apartment - no BS, a technician just called and said he was in my area and could deliver my modem.
Fast speed.

And like I said (kinda the theme of my review): The exact opposite of Bell in what to expect.

William D.
Toronto, Ontario

My advice for Internet in Toronto, Canada.


  1. I also love this company. I signed up about a month ago @ and have been very happy. I dropped Rogers first and now Bell :-)

    I found another site with comments.

    Chris P.

  2. Hey Chris P.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. It is funny because so many do not kown how outstanding! TEKSAVVY is or if know about them.

    I hope other will take note of your great advice. Hey I have been with them for about 3 years now and find this ISP (Internet service provider) outstanding.

    I had account with Bell Canada internet for about 3 years then moved to Rogers because I was not happy with bell cost to later find out Rogers Fees. Now I talk about the service like I own the company because I am finally happy with the internet service I am getting as a customer.

  3. Liars. Cheats and Fraudsters. Not a doubt in my mind. I can tell you for sure about every aspect of this conversation/thread. What I would like to point out , is that they are using Call service centers in OTHER COUNTRIES!!! This can lead to SERIOUS problems with IDENTITY THEFT. How hard would it be having computer access to your account and information to sell that and have someone come over here and impersonate you??? F *&ing Bell dingaling morons......what we really need to do is find the president of their communications branch and scare the crap out of him/her/it!!! Maybe if we had a good old fashioned beating laid on them, they might think about what they're doing? Sound extreme? I don't think so! Seems to me that my hard earned dollars got them where they are @ now!?......Liars, Cheats, Fraudsters.......plain and simple!

  4. Bell Blows
    Speed now down to 18kb/s ...MAX. Paying for high-speed and getting Dial-up. Now Tekksavvy getting throttled huge too, leaving no competition for the big players.
    My voip is now screwed, with a delay in voice traffic. I guess they don't want the phone competition either.
    We have to unite against this garbage, and threaten to cancel and/or sue. Already told my overseas "technicians" they have 2 days to fix or I'm done with them. Someone will emerge to pick up the big boys disgruntled customers....then I guess they will beg us to return with ridiculous deals to switch.
    "MONOPOLY!... Not just a game with coloured money!"

  5. all out Thrtottle!!!
    Im going to give their execuritve office a call and cancel the service... Rogers is no better but Bell is horrible!
    The tech support is STUPID! and the managers don't want you to talk! Good Damn It! I'm going to tell them to give me the ultra speed and see if that makes any difference... or else 3rd party isp here i come!


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